3 Real Sugar Baby Dating Stories

3 Real Sugar Baby Dating Stories

Are you interested in hearing about sugar baby dating in the real world? SugarDaddyCapital has got 3 real life stories to share with you in this article. While we were testing out the most popular sugar baby dating sites ourselves, we decided to reach out to other members to ask for their success stories. We got a ton of replies, but here were three of our favorites: 3 Real Sugar Baby Dating Stories

Michael – 54, Malibu

My sugar baby story is pretty normal, I think. I always thought I was an okay looking guy, but I was never delusional enough to think I was the prom king or anything. Once I found success with my restaurant business though, I knew I deserved better women than the ones I was dating. I found Katie online, through a sugar baby dating profile she put up here. From the moment we met we knew it was going to work out. She’s a beautiful student, or… was a student. She’s finished now. She wanted a sugar daddy because she needed someone to pay off her school debts, and I was happy to do that. Honestly, just to see her smiling and free of worry is enough for me to be happy, but Katie gives me so much more. Sex, obviously, is number one, but we also have such a good time hanging out and going on trips and she loves it when I teach her new things. It’s really just a great situation. Michael - 54, Malibu

Tommy – 66, Lafayette

Finding sugar babies online has been the best way, for me. I have seven different sugar babies on call right now and I met all of them here on this site. Monti is probably my favorite sugar baby, but Ashley, Sam, Lauren, Victoria, Megan, and Jess are all gorgeous, and sexy, and fun in their own awesome ways too. My relationships with my sugar babies is the works – dinners, dates, vacations, shopping, affection, companionship, and obviously sex. You know… showing up to a party with a hot girl on your arm is like, and it’s terrible to say this, but it’s like driving up somewhere in a nice car. You just feel good. I’ve been divorced twice before, so I know what the other side looks like. This is definitely the kind of life I want to be living now. Tommy - 66, Lafayette<

David – 37, Las Vegas

I may not be what you would call attractive, but no one can denying that I am the fucking man. Are their girlfriends perfect 10s? Are their houses fucking mansions? ‘Cause mine are. I’m a one woman kind of guy, ’cause that’s the way I was raised, but I could have twelve girlfriends if I wanted. Probably more. I’m going to be breaking up with my sugar baby of four years soon because she’s just kind of losing her touch for me, but I want to have another girl lined up before I do that. I met Kayla on here, so I’m confident that I can find my next beauty here too.

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