3 Sexy Sugar Daddy Dating Stories

3 Sexy Sugar Daddy Dating Stories

Have you been using sugar daddy dating sites? If not, you should be. If you are on the fence, we have some stories for you that will highlight other men’s successes with sugar daddy dating. The stories below we’re sent by male sugar daddy members about their personal experiences using sugar daddy dating sites. There are thousands of these stories, but we chose the best 3 we could find, to make you a believer in sugar daddy dating. They might also just inspire you to try something you hadn’t though to before. 3 Sexy Sugar Daddy Dating Stories

Sugar Daddy Dating Story #1

I signed up for a sugar daddy dating site after debating for a few months. I would try and pick up women in bars or in my day to day life, but they weren’t having it. If I mentioned that I had money, they perceived it as some last ditch attempt to avoid being shot down by them. Their loss! Them assuming I’m just an average looking creep or something, has them missing out on a great opportunity. After being frustrated enough times, I decided I would join a rich dating site since I had a friend suggesting I do that for sometime, he told me about a site called MillionaireMatch.com, so I signed up. The experience was amazing, something changes in a woman when she knows for a fact that you are wealthy, I don’t care because all I want is a good looking woman to hook up with, so who am I to judge. I hooked up with possibly the hottest woman I have ever met that night, and she has been my main squeeze sugar baby for a year now.

Paul, 31, MillionaireMatch.com Member Sugar Daddy Dating Story #1

Sugar Daddy Dating Story #2

I have a short and sweet story about how great this site is. I had mentioned to one of my regular sugar babies that I was looking for another woman on the site for a threesome. I went to pick up my sugar baby for our regular meet up and she told me she had a surprise for me. I walked into her living room to see two of her friends, one was going down on the other. She told me she would do me one better than a threesome and that we we’re all gonna have some fun. I won’t share details, but my god, what a night.

Jason, 40, WealthyMen.com Member

Sugar Daddy Dating Story #3

I’ve been using sugar daddy dating sites for years, they have really become fun in the last year or so, since the mainstream media has picked up on stories about young women looking to get paid while attending university or something. I never met any of these women, since the women I meet on the site are a little older, like mid 20’s. I didn’t want a girl who I would never hear from after she graduated. The best experience I had was one night I was out with one of my sugar babies at a restaurant and I saw another sugar baby I meet up with regularly there too. She told me she had just met a guy, who it turned out wasn’t what he made himself out to be, I didn’t care for her to elaborate, instead I asked her to join us. She did, and all three of us went back to my place and partied all night. Just an example of how open these sugar babies are to doing whatever you are into, and that they just want to have fun. We planned to have another night with the three of us, and it has become a regular thing now, which is great.

Brendan, 50, MillionaireMatch.com Member

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