4 Sugar Baby Dating Deal Breakers

4 Sugar Baby Dating Deal Breakers

Sugar daddies have their own set of deal breakers when it comes to sugar baby dating, as we are sure you know. Each sugar baby has their own likes, dislikes, and preference, but there are definitely a few things that are deal breakers across almost the entire board. The last thing you want to do when rich dating is drive your potential sugar baby away with SugarDaddyCapital.com’s common sugar baby dating deal breakers. Check out the list below and see if you are guilty of any of the most common sugar baby dating deal breakers: 4 Sugar Baby Dating Deal Breakers

#1: Salt Daddies

There is nothing worse to a sugar baby than a salt daddy! In case you are unfamiliar, a salt daddy is a man who joins a sugar daddy dating site, pretends to be a sugar daddy, but has nothing to back it up. A salt daddy will chat up a potential sugar baby and make all kinds of promises to her but never intends to follow through. Finding out a potential sugar daddy is actually a salt daddy with no money? Huge dealbreaker.

#2: Smokers

Hey, you might find a sugar baby who is a smoker too, but in this day and age, most sugar babies do not like sugar daddies who smoke. #2: Smokers

#3: Slobs

No woman likes a slob, but especially not a sugar baby. Sugar babies want their sugar daddies to be sexy and suave, not dirty and disheveled. Luckily, this deal breaker is easy to fix: get some tailored clothes, follow a good hygiene routine, and hire someone to clean and straighten your house… it’s that simple!

#4: Married Men

This is not necessarily a deal breaker in all sugar baby dating, but having a married man for a sugar daddy is not every sugar baby’s cup of tea. Make sure that your sugar daddy dating profile explicitly states that you are looking for extra-marital sugar baby dating and make sure any potential sugar babies know about your wife up front and are okay with that kind of relationship..

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