4 Impressive Sugar Baby Dating Ideas

4 Impressive Sugar Baby Dating Ideas

Do sugar baby dating right—impress potential sugar babies by taking them on unique and impressive first dates! SugarDaddyCapital.com has got the answer! You do not want to waste time and and money on potential sugar babies, but you also do not want them to think you are cheap or boring. Below, we have some perfect examples of first dates for sugar baby dating:

Sugar Baby Dating Idea #1: Shopping Excursion

It might sound a little silly and a lot cliche, but taking a potential sugar baby shopping for your first date will show her that you are serious about treating her right and taking care of their needs. If you want, you could also make the trip about a gift that you need to pick out for your mom or sibling or friend and get her to help you pick something out. With that addition, you will also be checking another “to do” item off your list and saving yourself some time! Sugar Baby Dating Idea #1: Shopping Excursion

Sugar Baby Dating Idea #2: Head To The Spa

What’s better for a first date than an afternoon of rest and relaxation? Treat your potential sugar baby to a luxurious spa day for two! Potential sugar babies don’t get to experience luxury and indulgence until they get a sugar daddy, so this is definitely a date that will impress and excite them.

Sugar Baby Dating Idea #3: Casino

Everybody has fun at a casino! And sugar babies have even more fun if they have someone else’s money to spend. Show your potential sugar baby your favorite games and teach her how to gamble (using your money of course)! Don’t forget to order at least a couple martinis! Your sugar daddy dating potential partner will be impressed and be having a ton of fun! Sugar Baby Dating Idea #3: Casino

Sugar Baby Dating Idea #4: Draw Each Other Naked

This one is a fun little idea if you get the feeling that your potential sugar baby is up for something a little more naughty. You don’t necessarily have to both draw each other naked either, if you’d rather keep your body in the dark for a little longer. This might be a good way to end a first date that has gone well. Don’t forget to quote Titanic when you bring up the idea: “I want to draw you like one of my French girls“. Women love Titanic. Plus, it’s a little less intimidating than asking to take nude photos of her right away.

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