5 Sexy Bedroom Moves To Try With Your Sugar Baby

5 Sexy Bedroom Moves To Try With Your Sugar Baby

Want to impress your sugar baby? Why not learn some new sex tips and tricks to bring into your sugar daddy dating bedroom? SugarDaddyCapital.com can help!

Sex Move #1: Change Her Pleasure Position

Next time you plan on going on your sugar baby, have her get down on all fours instead of on her back. Then, perform oral on her while lying underneath her, with your legs facing away from her body. “It’s unexpected and offers new sensations,” says sex coach Amy Levine.

Sex Move #2: Dark & Dirty

You have probably gotten a little naughty in the shower before and we don’t blame you. The hot water, the slippery skin… who can resist? So next time you get your sugar baby in the shower with you, try this: turn the lights off. It might sound a bit dangerous, but trust us—feeling the hot water, and each other, without seeing each other—your senses will be heightened and the sensation will be WILD. Sex Move #2: Dark & Dirty

Sex Move #3: Show Time

Get your sugar baby to put on a show. Have her lay on her back in front of you and masturbate until she gives herself an orgasm. If you have never experienced this before, you are in for quite a treat. Men are visual creatures and many say that watching a woman orgasm is one of the biggest turn ons they have. You may also have your sugar baby sit in front of a mirror with you behind her so that she can see the show too, and you can give a little help.

Sex Move #4: Sexy Swingin’

No, we don’t mean “swinging” like key parties and partner swapping. We mean buy a sex swing… and use it! Number one, sex swings are really fun and comfortable to use. Number two, they’re a little bit pricey so most sugar babies will not have been able to experience using one before. It will be a special treat for you both. Along those lines, you could also check out some of the pricier sex toys out there that could help satisfy your sugar baby. Sex Move #4: Sexy Swingin’<

Sex Move #5: Get Scent-sual

Most people don’t know this, but men and women have pheromones. Being able to give off your natural scent will make women go crazy for you, especially your sugar baby. Try this: go fragrance free for seven days. Go out and invest in fragrance-free soap, shampoo, laundry detergent, deodorant, and shaving cream, and (obviously) skip the colognes and body sprays. After seven days, your sugar baby will be able to smell your natural scent and personal musk and it will drive her wild. Clinical and forensic sexologist Eric Garrison says “Trust me—this is a dealmaker.

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