5 Sugar Daddy Wardrobe Staples

5 Sugar Daddy Wardrobe Staples

Want to be a sugar daddy? You’ve got to look the part. SugarDaddyCapital will tell you which five wardrobe staples are essential to your sugar daddy look. If you’ve got money to spend on a sugar baby, then you’ve got money to spend on yourself, so no excuses on this one, fellas!

Three-Piece Suit

Every self-respecting sugar daddy (and man) needs a well-made, well-tailored three-piece suit. A three-piece suit is one of the most versatile and useful wardrobe staples you can own. With a three-piece suit you have an air of ‘put-togetheredness’. With three pieces, you have the most options: all three pieces, just the pants and jacket, just the pants and vest, just the pants, just the jacket, just the vest… you always have the option to wear as much or as little as is appropriate. 5 Sugar Daddy Wardrobe Staples

Sport Coat

Another sugar daddy staple wardrobe is the sport coat, a very flattering and versatile piece of clothing. A sport coat creates the illusion of broader shoulders and a slimmer midsection, which is flattering no matter who you are. It works the best with a casual outfit, something like a cool t-shirt and dark, fitted jeans, but goes great with nearly anything you can pull out of the closest.

Cuff Links

Cuff links are definitely something that will bring an outfit to the next level. They can be that small detail that distinguishes you from other sugar daddy hopefuls, ensuring you get the best of the best sugar babies. Cuff links can be stylish, subtle, bold, and even useful. The ones you choose should reflect not only the level of sophistication of the outfit they are a part of, but also your personality. Sport Coat

Tie Bar

A tie bar, much like cuff links, is a small accessory that will take your outfit to new heights. A tie bar screams sophistication and class, and has the added benefit of ‘keeping everything in place’ when you are wearing a tie. They do not come in as many styles as cuff links do, but all you really need is one simple, sleek, stylish tie bar and you are ready to go.

Dress Shoes

A proper sugar daddy should really actually own several pairs of shoes for every occasion and season, but we’ll take it easier on you for now. If you are only going to buy one pair of dress shoes, go with a brown wingtip. These are the shoes that will most often match any outfit you choose (except for the very casual and very formal).

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