The 5 Types Of Sugar Babies

The 5 Types Of Sugar Babies

All the women you meet on sugar baby dating sites fall under one of five types. Check out this list from us here at SugarDaddyCapital to see what they are. The 5 Types Of Sugar Babies

#1 Sophomore Slut

This is the most common sugar baby type that you will find on sugar daddy dating sites. This type is the very young 18-24 year old sugar babies that are looking to trade their companionship, attention, and bodies in exchange for having their college or university tuition paid off. These sugar babies are very eager and willing to settle for sugar daddies with less money as long as it is still enough to pay the tuition.

#2 Hot Momma

Being a single mom isn’t easy, but it can be a little easier if you are a hot as fuck MILF. Usually when you think “MILF” you do not think of younger women, but there are plenty of 20-somethings out there with babies who still have rockin’ bods, time to spare, and bills to pay. These sugar babies have kids, so they aren’t usually as accessible all the time, but they are also the most desperate because they need the money for childcare.

#3 Head Bitch In Charge

Don’t worry,she won’t be in charge of you! This sugar baby is simply a strong business woman with a need for financial backing. Think of your sugar daddy dating relationship like being an investor in her business. If you think her idea is good, and you play your cards right, you might even make some money off this sugar baby situation! #3 Head Bitch In Charge

#4 ‘Been There, Done That’ Babe

This is your classic veteran sugar baby. This is the sugar baby who could write articles on how to be the perfect sugar baby. This is the sugar baby who has not had a real job in over five years because they are so good at managing their sugar daddy dating relationships. These sugar babies won’t settle for less and they won’t sell themselves short, but they know the drill and will be incredibly obedient and available.

#5 Small Town Girl, Livin’ In A Lonely World

You know, just like the Journey song (see below), except instead of taking the midnight train going anywhere, she will be taking it straight into your pants (if you catch our drift). This type of sugar baby is one who moves from a small town to a big city with even bigger dreams, but no money to pay for either. These are the sugar babies who get a taste and always want more’a bigger condo, more expensive clothes, bigger nights out on the town, you name it! They may be the most expensive of the sugar baby types, but they can also be the most fun and exciting.

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