How To Determine Your Sugar Baby’s Allowance

How To Determine Your Sugar Baby’s Allowance

So, you’ve got yourself a sugar baby and now you are not sure how much is too much or how little is too little when it comes to their monthly allowance. Or, perhaps, you are looking to be fully prepared before you get a sugar baby and want to have your sugar baby dating budget ready to go before you even start looking. Either way, you need the perfect balanced budget to keep you and your sugar baby both happy and we here at can help. Whether you have a sugar baby already or you are looking to start sugar baby dating soon, setting your sugar baby’s allowance can be hard. Read our tips!

Determine Your Own Monthly Budget

Before you can figure out what you have to offer a sugar baby, you need to determine your own monthly budget. One of the biggest turns offs for women is “poor financial planning“. Think about these questions. Do you have regular income or does it vary from month to month? What are your monthly expenses (rent/mortgage, car/transportation, communication, etc.)? How much money do you like to spend on yourself each month (clothing, entertainment, treats, etc.)? How much money is left over when you subtract your expenses and personal financial desires from your income? Once you answer all of those questions, you will know how much money you have left over to spend on or give to your sugar baby. How To Determine Your Sugar Baby's Allowance

Find Out Her Financial Needs And Wants

Once you start chatting and meeting up with potential sugar babies, one of things you need to consider is their financial needs and wants and whether you will be able to meet them. Is she a student sugar baby who needs money for their tuition or student debt? Is she a single momma sugar baby who needs money for her kids? Is she a business sugar baby who needs some big investments but doesn’t have a lot of monthly costs? Talk to your sugar baby and find out her needs, wants, and expectations. From there you can determine if you have enough disposable income to keep her happy. Find Out Her Financial Needs And Wants

Be Generous

At the end of the day, be generous. That’s what being a sugar daddy is really all about. As long as you are covering all your own costs and expenses, then why not be generous? Don’t forget that a grateful sugar baby will give back to you and be generous with you in ways that money could never buy. Being as generous as possible not only helps out your sugar baby (or sugar babies), but it also makes you feel good, too.

Get A Sugar Baby TONIGHT!

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