How To Get Funds To Your Sugar Baby

How To Get Funds To Your Sugar Baby

Once you have joined a sugar baby dating site, found your perfect sugar baby, and determined her monthly allowance, you have to figure out how you are going to go about getting that money to your sugar baby each month. Methods of getting money into your sugar baby’s hands is something that most sugar daddies don’t think about, but there are a ton of options to look into.

Method #1: Cash

This is the most obvious method of getting money into your sugar baby’s hands. It’s fast, simple, and requires your sugar baby to come see you in person. This is the most classic exchange between sugar daddies and their sugar babies. With cash there is no waiting, no bells or whistles, and nothing unnecessary. Method #1: Cash

Method #2: Direct Deposit

With just a little bit of bank account information, you can easily deposit money directly into your sugar baby’s bank account. You can do this through online banking, at your local bank branch, or with an ATM. This method is simple and efficient and can be done at times when maybe you are unable to meet up with your sugar baby right away.

Method #3: Venmo

Venmo is a mobile phone app that allows you to easily transfer money to anyone else with the app. As long as you and your sugar baby both download the mobile app to your phone or tablet and connect your bank accounts to it, you can transfer money to her from your device any time. Method #2: Direct Deposit

Method #4: PayPal

Like a cross between direct deposit and the Venmo app, PayPal is an online finance site and that is compatible with bank accounts, credit cards, and thousands of online shopping sites. From your PayPal account you can easily transfer money to your sugar baby’s PayPal account from any device that is connected to the internet.

Method #5: Gift Cards

It may seem silly, but you can totally pay your sugar baby in gift cards! Find out where she shops and what she needs and get her the appropriate gift cards for each place. Grocery stores, department stores, pharmacies, equipment stores, speciality stores, pet stores… anything at all, really! However, this method is not helpful if you need to pay her rent or school fees or something that does not accept gift cards.

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