Why I Regret Joining HoneyDaddy.com | An Unhappy Review

Why I Regret Joining HoneyDaddy.com | An Unhappy Review

Never Use Or Try HoneyDaddy.com

HoneyDaddy.com completely shattered any positive notions I might have had about using online dating to meet sugar babies. It was a complete waste of time. I should have done my research before I committed to signing up to a sugar daddy dating site, but I was eager to meet some sugar babies and go out on some hot dates! That, unfortunately, never ended up happening for me. Never Use Or Try HoneyDaddy.com

Joining The Sugar Daddy Dating Site

Signing up for HoneyDaddy was straight-forward, all the basic and standard information required. I filled out a small questionnaire about why I was on the site, but I don’t think this actually helped. I think this questionnaire was to make members feel like the site was doing something productive to help us meet women; nothing came of it except busy-work for new members. I started browsing some profiles, which were ok, but I kept encountering software issues with the site itself, which made it hard to actually use.

Results After Using The Site

After 3 whole months on HoneyDaddy.com, I have absolutely nothing to show for it. I sent hundreds of messages to women trying to meet and chat, but most of these went unanswered. I think there are a large number of fake profiles on this site, and I message a lot of them. The message I did get back were strange and often nonsensical. I don’t think they were written by someone who actually reads the messages or is invested in them at all; a staff member or a robot is likely managing these profiles.
  • 488 messages sent
  • 276 replies
  • 198 message received
  • 0 dates that came through
I didn’t go on a single date with any women from HoneyDaddy.com. It’s embarrassing to admit, but I also don’t feel like this was an issue on my end. From what I’ve read online after joining, this is a notorious scam dating site.

Not-So-Great Features

The “features” on this site were garbage or non-existent. The way the site operates is almost comical in how ineffective it is, which they should know to fix if their users are likely going to be business owners and men who are familiar with how business websites should operate.
  • No Mobile Version The site claims that their mobile version is coming soon, but who knows with a site like this. I doubt that having access to my account when I’m out would have made any difference here anyway.
  • Random Match Suggestions The suggested matches were completely out of left field. I really don’t know what they use to match people, but it can’t be anything done by a human. It’s as if a computer is matching profiles that are in the same zip code area, but then I was matched with a woman who lived 100 miles away! What good is that?
  • Not User-Friendly The site is riddled with errors. There are glitches on almost every page, and some pages just stop loading. I found it very hard to use the site for more than 30 minutes at a time, because I got so frustrated with all of the errors. The organization is crazy as well, the layout doesn’t make any sense from a user standpoint. Just check out this bit from their Terms and Conditions:
Joining The Sugar Daddy Dating Site

Final Assessment

I would never in a million years use this scam site again, or advise anyone else to use it either. HoneyDaddy.com is nothing but scam website looking to get user information and money from men who want to meet women to spoil and spend time with. I got nothing but frustrated and embarrassed that something that’s supposed to be the best way to meet people had failed so miserably for me. Thanks to HoneyDaddy, I’m done with online sugar daddy dating. I’ll stick with trying to meet women face to face from now on.

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