Why I Love MillionaireMatch.com: A Happy Customer Review

Why I Love MillionaireMatch.com: A Happy Customer Review

There’s A Reason MillionaireMatch.com Is Ranked As #1!

I had been interested in sugar baby dating for a while, but I’d never actually ventured into the area until I went online. I’m so glad that I found and chose to use MillionaireMatch.com over any other sugar daddy dating site out there. It’s been a really great adventure so far. This is the best site I could’ve come across, and there’s definitely good reason that this site is ranked as one of the best, if not THE best, sugar daddy dating site online. There's A Reason MillionaireMatch.com Is Ranked As #1!

Joining The Sugar Daddy Dating Site

Signing up for MillionaireMatch.com was really easy, it took me all of 20 minutes to get everything done and start browsing. I wasn’t required to give information that I didn’t want to give, but the site a verification feature that improves your success if you participate. I opted to do this, and I’m happy that I did. To do this I just needed to provide proof of my income amount and profession, and since I met the “millionaire requirement”, i got a diamond slated profile, woohoo!

Results After Using The Site

I’ve been on this sugar daddy dating for about a month and a half now, and it’s been an absolute blast. I’ve been on some phenomenal dates with amazing young ladies, and we’ve had a great time. I’ve gone out with some of these ladies again, so I might have a few sugar babies on the go! Whoops! All in good fun.
  • 254 messages sent
  • 209 messages received
  • 199 replies
  • 4 dates
  • 3 dates lined up
I’ve got dates lined up coming in this week and next, some of them with ladies I’ve been out with before, and some of them are new. I’m excited to meet more sugar babies, because MillionaireMatch.com has really opened my eyes to the world of sugar baby dating. I’m not ready to commit to one sugar baby yet, but thankfully I don’t have to. Results After Using The Site  

Examples Of Success

I don’t think there’s a proven method of success in situations like these, whether it’s sugar daddy dating or any other kind. What I can do is offer what I’ve done and what’s worked for me, so here goes!
  • Verify Your Profile On The Site The site has a unique feature where you can verify your profile and income as being a legitimate millionaire, or at least in the high income bracket. Doing this increases the messages you get, and women are much more likely to meet with you if they know you’re legit. Do yourself a favor and verify you’re a legit sugar daddy and watch the sugar babies flock to you, I’m not kidding.
  • Initiate Contact Don’t wait for the women to come to you though, send out messages to the women you find interesting or intriguing. Man up and make the first move; sugar baby dating isn’t the place to get shy or timid.

Great Features

MillionaireMatch.com has a ton of phenomenal features for its members to access and use. These aren’t available on the free accounts, but this isn’t an issue for the majority of members on MillionaireMatch.com, at least it wasn’t for me, because I didn’t intend on having a free account. Some of the things I enjoyed most about this site:
  • No Ads One of the best things about using this site is there are no ads to bother you. So many other dating sites have ads popping up in your face every time you change the page, but that’s not an issue on MillionaireMatch.com. There are no banner ads either, you just have the site itself and the profiles you want to look at.
  • Verified Profiles As I’ve mentioned before, this is a unique feature that really helps your chances of meeting sugar babies. If you can get verified that it’s been proven that you are in the high income bracket, and you have a professional job in an impressive field, you will notice a difference in how many messages you get.
  • Relevant Articles And Blogs If you want something to read while you’re chatting with a sugar baby, the site offers a ton of articles and blog posts relating to high powered career fields and professional content. You don’t have to just sit and wait to hear back, you can actually be entertained by some pretty insightful reads.
Examples Of Success

Helpful Tips

Knowing what to do in sugar baby dating isn’t a clear-cut code or anything, but some of things that I found helped me to get the most success out of this site was more of an attitude then anything specific. Having said that, a couple of things that could help you get the most out of the site as well are:
  • Open Your Mind Going into the experience with an open mind is possibly the most cliched thing I could say, but it really is true. You’re going into unchartered territory for you, so you can’t have preconceived notions or ideas of anything. Opening yourself to new experiences and opinions will actually help you have better conversations and more likelihood of locking down dates with some hot younger women. You’re talking with younger women, they have very different life experiences so they’re going to introduce you to new things.
  • Don’t Brag Yes, we all know you’re a successful businessman and make a lot of money – that’s why you’re on MillionaireMatch.com. It’ll be a big turn-off for her if you take your discussions from comments and casual conversation, to bragging about your accomplishments and wealth. She likes that you have money, but you don’t have to throw that in her face on your dates.

Not-So-Great Features

There was only one thing that I came across that I would’ve liked, but it actually turned out to be a positive thing, which I’m sure is why they did it.
  • No Video Chat There is no video chat on MillionaireMatch.com. This turned out to be a really good thing though, because after chatting and getting to know each other through text chat, we then had to take it to real life if we wanted anything more. This forces you to meet face to face, or exchange Skype information if you want, and take the next step in getting your sugar baby relationship moving forward. This was good thinking on the part of the marketing team, I must say.

Final Assessment

I would most definitely recommend – no, insist – that any man interested in sugar baby dating get on MillionaireMatch.com. It really is the best place to meet sugar babies, and I can tell you now that you’ll get at least one date out of joining. I never thought I could date more than one woman at one time, but now I can that I am, and they’re all young and hot! This is coming to you from one very satisfied customer of this sugar daddy dating site.