Why OnLuxy.com Is The Ultimate Scam Of A Dating Site

Why OnLuxy.com Is The Ultimate Scam Of A Dating Site

OnLuxy.com Is A Scam Dating Site To Avoid

OnLuxy.com might look like a legit sugar daddy dating site at first glance, but it’s nothing except a complete scam to get your money and waste your time. They claim to have celebrity members and only the richest and most attractive men and women, but after using the site for a few months I can tell you this is not true at all. I never came across a celebrity profile, or more than a handful that even looked like real profiles. A serious waste of my energy. OnLuxy.com Is A Scam Dating Site To Avoid

Joining The Sugar Daddy Dating Site

I’m a busy man running his own business, so I don’t have time to mess around. I had heard about OnLuxy from the radio so I figured it must be a legit site. I went to the site and joined, which was easy to do, but once I started looking around on the site I started to get suspicious. Sure, it looked great, from a design stand-point it’s very well-done, but the member profiles that pop up as recommended matches are just complete fails in terms of attempted legitimacy. The photos are clearly taken from Google image search, and the descriptions are so cheesy that there’s no way a real woman wrote them. Red flags started coming up pretty much right away, but it took me a while to accept it because I refused to believe that I would fall for such a blatant dating scam.

Results After Using The Site

I gave this site 3 months to try and find a sugar baby match, but it became a social experiment on how a website this terrible and obviously fake could operate.
  • 499 messages sent
  • 189 message relied to
  • 267 message received
  • 9 dates arranged and immediately cancelled
I purposely arranged dates with as many of the women I could just to prove that they were profiles manned by staff members of the site. I had every single one of them cancel almost immediately after scheduling them, or cancelling on the day of.

Not-So-Great Features

This site had a good design, as I’ve said, but a successful and legitimate sugar daddy dating site needs more than just a good look. This one failed pretty much all around except for that.
  • Staff Profiles I’d say that probably 80% of the sugar baby profiles on this site are manned by staff members. The chat language they use is borderline escort-style, which is not how anybody talks in real life. If you’re going to pretend you’re a member and a real person, know how people actually talk.
  • Blatantly False Claims The website’s main page makes all sorts of bogus claims about their success and their members, and I really don’t think any of it’s true. They claim to have over 800,000 members, but I only came across a handful of real profiles from women on the site.
  • NOT free The site says it’s free, but it most definitely is not. In order to do anything on the site aside from look at screenshots of other people profiles, you have to pay the $99 and get a premium membership. There are banners all over the front page saying it’s a free site and it could not be less true.
Joining The Sugar Daddy Dating Site

Final Assessment

I could not believe how much of scam OnLuxy turned out to be. Most of the women’s profiles are fake and manned by staff, who aren’t even good at their jobs. They want to get your money from the membership, and then they basically stop caring if they seem legit or not. I believe that I did chat with a real woman on this site, just one, but nothing came of it. Don’t try this site unless you’re prepared to pay $99 strictly for entertainment and trolling purposes. You won’t meet any women here.

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