Is NOT A Dating Site, It’s A Scam: Review Is NOT A Dating Site, It’s A Scam: Review

Steer Clear Of is a hilarious attempt at trying to come across as a legitimate sugar daddy dating site, but falls very short of doing so. Steer clear! The main page says it’s the “most discreet and effective place to find sugar daddy relationships”, which is laughable. It’s most certainly not that. Steer Clear Of

Joining The Sugar Daddy Dating Site

Signing up as a member on was easy enough. I just put in my basic personal information to create a profile and inserted a little blurb about what I hope to find and all the standard stuff. It wasn’t until I started getting some messages from profiles that I suspected weren’t controlled by real people that I started to have doubts. As soon as I was signed up I got a message from a woman claiming to be in my area, but she had an excuse for any reason I tried to get her to meet. This was a bot profile, and soon became very clear.

Results After Using The Site

I was a member of SugarSugar for about 3 months, and in that time, I only went on one actual date. That isn’t for lack of trying either. I put in a lot of effort to meet a sugar baby and find a real connection, and it only furthered my belief that this site was only wasting my time.
  • 678 message sent
  • 466 messages received
  • 345 replies
  • 1 date
The one date I went on was ok, but we didn’t have a connection and I wasn’t interested in seeing her again. After an entire 3 months of using a site made explicitly for the purposes of dating, I could not believe how little luck I was having. This site did absolutely nothing for me.

Not-So-Great Features

I thought that a site like this would have all kinds of features to help their members meet sugar babies, but it was seriously lacking in assistance. A site that requires members to pay to use, but doesn’t offer anything to help them in their quest for connections is a stupid business plan. This site has all of that in spades; lots of promise and no execution.
  • Quality Of Members I had chatted with a few young ladies prior to going on my one date, but I wasn’t overly excited about any of them. Some were obvious gold-diggers who were just looking for the biggest potential payout, and others were just flaky bimbos who didn’t have a clue. I didn’t join a site claiming to have quality just to meet airheads that I could pickup in any bar.
  • Poor Site Layout The layout of the site itself not only looks cheap and amateur, but it’s riddled with typo and errors. The site is all about having you join and taking your money, but they can’t be bothered to edit their content and make sure they look as legitimate as they claim to be. This sends a big message to business owners, like me, and also to members, also like me, that they don’t care.
Joining The Sugar Daddy Dating Site

Final Assessment

I would never in a million years try this site a second time, or recommend that anybody I know try it either. I had zero success on it, and all I did get was a bill for wasted time. A site that can’t even be bothered to make sure it’s content is proper and that it’s members are able to search out and find connections easily is one to be wary of. Unfortunately, I found all of this out after giving them my credit card so I was stuck until I was fed up. Had I done my research I would have found out that this site is a famous scam one, and I would never have signed up, especially with my financial information. Lesson learned.

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