How They Took My Money And My Dignity How They Took My Money And My Dignity

Why Is A Total Scam Site is a site that says it’s for sugar daddy dating, but really just wants to take your money and waste your time. You won’t meet women at all. I spent 3 months on this site trying to meet a real sugar baby, and was only met with ghost profiles and ads. I’m trying to get my money back from these scammers but I might be at a loss. Don’t follow in my stupid footsteps – avoid this site. Why Is A Total Scam Site

Joining The Sugar Daddy Dating Site

Joining the site was easy and I thought it looked legit from the homepage design, but I was soon to find out how wrong I was. I started sending messages to women I was interested in right away, and I did get some replies, but others took days to respond. More than anything, I was caught off guard by how many profiles looked unused – these were clearly profiles that had been abandoned and weren’t used anymore but haven’t been taken down. There were hundreds of these profiles, and I noticed as soon as I was able to access other members profiles.

Results After Using The Site

It took 3 months until I had finally had enough; I wanted to try and get my money’s worth out of the sugar daddy dating site I joined before I called it quits. It was a tough 3 months to stick out.
  • 399 messages sent
  • 106 replies received
  • 248 messages received
  • 2 no-show dates
  • 3 months wasted
I finally had some hope after about a month and half, when I had a date set up with a beautiful younger woman. The time came and she was a no-show. This happened to me a second time a few weeks later. The women on this site are either not real, or are incredibly rude and flaky to just leave somebody hanging like that, and more than once. I’ve never been so frustrated in my life, and I’m the owner of a successful software company, so that’s saying something. Joining The Sugar Daddy Dating Site

Not too impressed with my search results.

Not-So-Great Features

This site is severely lacking in features and structure. It’s hard to even stay on one page because there are so many things popping up at you and distracting you from searching for real members.
  • Too Many Ads The number of ads and pop-ups on every page was absolutely ridiculous. It got to the point that I just closed it and gave up many times. Each new page has a pop-up for the site itself! What good is that doing for someone who is already a member on the freaking site? They inundate you with requests to join their mailing list or newsletters; I had to reinstall a pop-up blocker just to use the damn site.
  • Ghost Profiles Too many of the profiles on this site are abandoned and need to be removed. They’re still there to fill space and numbers, I’m sure, but to the men who are trying to meet women who actively use the site, this is a huge roadblock. Sending messages to unused profiles and accounts is beyond a waste of time, and I’m too busy to have to try and filter those out myself.

Final Assessment

Do not EVER join this sugar daddy dating site for any reason. You’ll just get frustrated and waste all kinds of your already precious time in fruitless efforts to meet women that don’t exist on this website. It’s a total scam, to the point where I don’t know how they’re legally allowed to be in business still. It’s just a matter of time before they’re caught by a business bureau of some kind for being illegitimate. Hopefully when that happens, I can get my money back, but I won’t be able to get back all the time I wasted.

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